Clear Mind, Peaceful Body

Yoga and Nutrition for Healthy Aging

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Nourish your body through movement and knowledge.


Join nutrition educator and consultant Mimi Kalamian, EdM, MS, CNS, and sustainable farmer and yoga instructor Pam Watts, RYT,  for a 4-part series exploring nutrition and yoga to build and maintain health.

This series will help you develop ways to enhance your well-being through diet and movement.  Each session will include a yoga practice, presentation and open discussion.  Please come with curiosity!


Week 1: Strength and Flexibility

Strength and flexibility are not just for the young!  Join a gentle, vibrant practice focused on creating muscle tone and suppleness.   Fun Fact from Mimi: Flexibility in yoga correlates with blood vessel flexibility

Week 2: Balance and Agility

The decline in balance and agility is tied to changes in vision, core strength, flexibility and reaction time.  Reconnect with the core, and explore your range of motion.  Fun Fact from Mimi: Improving vitamin D status can reduce the risk of falls.

Week 3: Brain and Heart Health

Learning to move the body in unfamiliar patterns challenges the brain and creates new neurological pathways.  Explore new postures, and sync your movement with the breath as we practice dynamic yoga sequences.  Fun Fact from Mimi:  We are just beginning to understand that gut health and brain function walk hand in hand.  Learn what actions you can take to reduce brain fog and support clear thinking, these same actions will also protect your heart!

Week 4: Stress Reduction and Equanimity

We owe it to ourselves to use every means possible to reduce the stress in our lives.  Learn yogic breathing techniques that can bring ease and calm into our lives.  You will be provided with a comprehensive list of actions, rationale and resources that can form the framework for a better quality of life.  Fun Fact from Mimi: Hemoglobin and chlorophyll are identical in structure with one exception: A single iron molecule sits at the center of hemoglobin and a single molecule of magnesium forms the heart of chlorophyll. This is an awesome example of our inter-connectedness and interdependence with the plant world.

June 2 – June 23

Thursdays 5:30-7:00 p.m.

River Street Dance Theater

Sliding fee scale: $20-$30 per class

Contact Pam to register.

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