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Yoga and Nutrition for Healthy Aging

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Yoga and Nutrition for Healthy Aging

Who wouldn’t want to age gracefully? Yet so much of how we interact with our social, emotional and physical environments may undermine our desire to maintain good health over the lifespan. At each session, we’ll connect the dots between nutrition science and cellular health as it relates to aging. Together, we’ll develop a personalized toolbox of lifestyle improvements that can enhance and embrace this process. Come with your questions!

Week One: June 2
Yoga Practice: Strength and Flexibilty
Fats and oils: Which to embrace and which to eliminate?
Let’s talk “cholesterol”
Geek out: What is ROS?

Week Two: June 9
Yoga Practice: Balance and Agility
The three I’s: Inflammation, Insulin resistance, Immune response
Sneaky sugar: Tips to reduce your consumption
Geek out: Cellular health

Week Three: June 16
Yoga Practice: Brain and Heart health
The gut/brain connection
Food allergies, sensitivities & intolerances
Geek out: Keeping your microbiome in tip top shape

Week Four: June 23
Yoga Practice: Stress Reduction and Equanimity
Beyond nutrition: Sleep, stress, exercise, hydration
Supplements: Which can help and which can harm?
Geek out: Which eating pattern is best for you?

Invest in your health.
$20-$30 sliding fee per session

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