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November Yoga Classes

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Create Space for Your Practice

Dear Yogis,

Time and time again I am reminded how important my yoga practice is to me. There are periods of my life when I am consistent and dedicated  And there are days, weeks, perhaps months that I experience amnesia, getting so caught up in day to day living that my practice slides until I feel unsteady, exhausted and not quite myself.  These are the moments when it is most important for me to return to my practice.
So this is a heartfelt reminder to all of you to return, or stay steady and true to what nourishes you, be that yoga, meditation, prayer, hiking, laughing.  Whatever “your practice” is allow yourself that ever so needed space to dive in.  It will keep you healthier, and happier.
I wish you a wonderful November.

Inspansion Yoga

Class Schedule for November

Monday 9-10:15 am Gentle Yoga
Tuesday 5:30-6:30 pm Yoga for Strength
Wednesday 9-10:15 am Deepening into Yoga

Each class is all levels, with variations and modifications to suit most.
Location:  River Street Dance Theater, Hamilton
Drop in fee: $12
4 Class punchcard for $40

Yoga for Strength

This month we will be concentrating our efforts on strength.  Being strong and centered truly adds grace to our practice and extends into our everyday lives.  Join us Tuesdays at 5:30 pm to activate your strength.

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