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December News: Chill out with Yoga

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Anybody else feel tired in December?  Like you want to take a little break?  As the days get shorter, and the nights longer, our bodies naturally want to slow down.  Our culture, however, wants us to speed up and buy,buy,buy.  Ironic, isn’t it?  We create such a gap.  It is beautiful to celebrate this time of year, but not at the expense of our sanity!

We can all incorporate simple acts of self love to replenish our energy.  During December my self care practices will be walks by the river with my doggie, morning yoga practice and a hot springs adventure.  Our self care practices do not have to be long, nor elaborate; taking five minutes to slow down and be present with the breath has enormous benefits for our health.

This month I am inspired to slow down, and I have created some space and practices for you to slow down too.

Tuesday, December 4  @ 5:30 pm Yoga for Relaxation: a very gentle movement class focusing on relaxation, release and softening.  Come one, come all… $12, or use your class card, River Street Dance

Tuesday, December 11 @ 5:30 pm Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep.  This practice always receives rave reviews!  Wear warm layers and bring your favorite blanket.  Come one, come all… $12, or use your class card, River Street Dance.

Saturday, December 15 from 2-4 pm Yoga and Sound.

The first part of this class will focus on gentle movement of the body and the breath.  Second half will be total relaxation, listening to Bella work with her singing bowls and tuning forks.  Space limited!  $40.  We will be at Bitterroot Sound Healing.  Please register with Pam to secure your space, or contact Bella @ 406-647-0202.  For more info see events.

If you have some time off this December and would like to join one of our on-going weekly classes I would love to see you!  Happy December.



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