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Dear Yogis,

The month of January is named after the two-faced Roman god Janus, the god of doorways and new beginnings.  One face looks back to the past, while the other looks toward the future.  This is a good reminder for all of us to take time to reflect on the past year.  What lessons have you learned? What no longer serves you? What enlivens you?  What sustains you?

Over the past year I have become increasingly aware of how my yoga practice supports me. Being a distracted individual my yoga practice provides grounding and stability, two qualities that I find invaluable.  It is important to find a practice that brings harmony to our lives, and counter-balances our inherent tendencies. It is also important to find a practice that makes you want to come to your mat, something that you get to do instead of a chore that must be done.

This month I am offering two courses that are both focused but very distinct.  Core Strength on Tuesday evenings will concentrate on strength, power and precision.  Yin Yoga is a passive practice that draws on one’s ability to release and soften. Both styles can be incorporated into an existing practice and added to your yoga toolbox.

Wishing you a peaceful January,

Yin Yoga Saturday, January 26, 12-noon

IMG_3726 (2)

Do you ever feel like you just “got there” when the instruction is to move into another pose?  Then yin yoga may be for you.  Yin yoga is a slow-paced practice incorporating stillness to nourish our joints, soften the muscles and move chi through the meridians of our body.  Think slow, softening, deepening, melting….Poses are held anywhere from 45 seconds to 5 minutes.  This two hour practice will include a gentle warm-up, a full yin practice and a long savasana.  $25

Register for Yin here.

For those of you that want to experience the yang side of life Core Strength Yoga is on Tuesdays at 5:30.  Class will focus on tried and true postures to strengthen the core, front and back, as well as some novel postures and transitions.

On-going weekly classes $12 drop in, or 4 classes for $40:

Monday: Gentle Yoga 9-10:15 am

Tuesday: Core Strength Yoga 5:30-6:30 pm

Wednesday: Deepening into Yoga 9-10:15 am

All classes held at:

River Street Dance Theater

421 N 2nd Street, Hamilton


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